When will I get my labels and posters?
Printing takes about 2-4 days. Singpost delivery takes about 3-5 days.
We try our best to print your order at the earliest possible time. For more information about shipping and delivery, click here.

We pride ourselves as fast workers and are resolved to have your order dispatched within the stipulated time frame. However, we apologize if the order dispatching may be delayed due to some unforeseen occasional circumstances. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Where do I input the discount coupon code?
The discount coupon box will be displayed after checkout.

How will I be notified of my order?
1) An email confirming your order after you have checkout.
2) An email informing you that your labels are mailed out.

What if I need my labels urgently?
If you need your labels urgently within 2 days, just drop me a note in the request box upon checkout and let me know.