Art Prints Care

All our art prints are protected with glassine paper and acid-free backing board in plastic pockets to ensure they are delivered to your home in perfect condition.  

How to ensure prints last longer
Good quality archival papers last a lifetime, proper care ensures they are preserved in perfect condition for many years in your home. DO keep the paper in its original packaging until required. This will ensure the product stays clean and is not exposed to excess moisture or other airborne contaminants. When choosing a spot to keep art prints, please keep in mind three conditions: (1) humidity; (2) temperature; and (3) light.

Where possible, try to hang your artworks in shadier spots to keep the ink or surface from fading and degradation.

Avoid kitchens or rooms with frequent or large changes in temperature. Strong sources of heat can cause warping or discolouration and damage art prints.

Having art in the bathroom is nice, but it encourages mould growth and causes ink and pigments to run and fade. It can also cause insect infestations of paper.

Art prints are more likely to last longer when it is professionally matted and framed as good quality acid-free materials are used. However, it is fine to keep them in ready-made frames too. Some customers prefer IKEA photo frames and their mat is acid-free.