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Deluxe Labels come in a good size to label belongings. They are versatile and can be used on anything. The list is endless.

Label Size: 6.5cm wide x 1.7cm high
Label Pieces: 24 pcs or 32 pcs


Label care

Stick On Labels
1) To get the most out of your label stickers, adhere them on smooth, flat surfaces that are clean and dry. Surfaces that are not suitable are bumps, ridges or textured surfaces. Surface that has a greasy feel or contain high silicon (non stick) would not adhere well. If you need to adhere to textured surface, smooth the label into the textured grooves for extra durability.

2) Rub and apply sufficient pressure to the labels to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface. Once stuck in place, rub firmly, applying pressure over the whole label.

3) The adhesion strength increases with time. Please allow 48 hours for the adhesive to bond with the surface before immersing it in water.

Regular price $16.95 SGD

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