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Multi-Purpose Labels
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Your label will be printed to the same standard as the image above.

Tip - When choosing the length of the words, the lesser the letters, the bigger the size of the fonts.


Personalize your label (allow 20 characters per line)

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5
Please *Click here for more information before entering Chinese names.
Preview your label

* Previewer is for viewing purposes only.
We will adjust the sizes of text and icon in the layout
to create the cutest label!
Select a font Click here to preview fonts
Select a backgound Pattern

Polka Dots
Select a color (Color of the sticker)
Select an icon
Choose an Icon here
Icon Color for Classic icon ONLY
(Have you selected a Classic Icon? Please select a color from the dropdown.)
Select a Quantity
25 Multi-Purpose Labels $22.95



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