About Stick on label and Instructions

Muakids name labels are waterproof, tear-proof and weatherproof if applied correctly. All of our labels are printed using only the highest quality vinyl and inks. We use only Eco Friendly Inks that don’t give off toxic VOC’s and won’t harm the environment. The rounded corners of the labels ensure it doesn't peel of easily.

Stick On Labels
1) To get the most out of your label stickers, adhere them on smooth, flat surfaces that are clean and dry. Surfaces that are not suitable are bumps, ridges or textured surfaces. Surface that has a greasy feel or contain high silicon (non stick) would not adhere well. If you need to adhere to textured surface, smooth the label into the textured grooves for extra durability.

2) Rub and apply sufficient pressure to the labels to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface. Once stuck in place, rub firmly, applying pressure over the whole label.

3) The adhesion strength increases with time. Please allow 48 hours for the adhesive to bond with the surface before immersing it in water.

Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels comes with a protective clear cover. Simple adhere the clear cover over the top of the label for extra durability.

Iron Ons
Our Iron Ons have great washability and long lasting results. They should stick well when applied correctly. In some cases where you find them falling off, it means more pressure and heat are needed on the Iron Ons. When you find them shrivelled up, the iron is too hot. It takes a wee bit of practice to get the heat and pressure right. Extra labels and Instructions are given in the pack to ensure you have the best experience in ironing the Iron Ons unto your clothings. Once you get it right, you won't be able to stop ironing them on every fabric in the house! If you have any questions about our Iron Ons, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Our labels are not suitable for “high temperature” settings such as ovens, pots and pan.

Wall Decals

How do I apply wall decals?
It's easy: just peel and stick! When you open the package, you will find the designs printed onto a pre-cut liner (just like a package of regular stickers). Peel the design away from the liner and stick it to your surface of choice. Presto! a decorator!

Before applying to surfaces:
Prior to applying wall decal, clean the wall and make sure it is dry and free of dust or dirt.
Freshly painted walls should be allowed to "cure" for 10 to 15 days prior to applying wall decal. Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure. Applying wall decal to freshly painted walls may cause the adhesive to lose its effectiveness, which can then cause the design to peel or fall off.

Larger designs, like giant wall decals, may require the use of a wallpaper seam roller to ensure that all edges of the design make contact with the wall, and that the design will stick firmly without lifting away from the surface.

Wall decals are not recommendeds for the following surfaces:
"Orange peel" textured walls.
Brick, cinder block, or other porous surfaces.
W allpaper or delicate surfaces.

How do I apply in a bathroom or around water?
Wall decals can be applied to tiles as long as the surface is clean and completely dry during installation. Make sure the design does not overlap any grout, as water could filter beneath and compromise the adhesive.

The wall decal can be applied to shower walls as long as they are placed tightly onto the surface so water cannot reach under the design. Smooth the decal out and be sure that water cannot flow behind the design. Once applied, wall decal will not move even if sprayed by the shower. Neat, huh?

Do not place at the bottom or inside a bathtub. Water could filter beneath the design too easily and would compromise the adhesive.

When cleaning the bathroom, please take care to avoid spraying any harmful chemicals on or near your wall decal! Prolonged exposure could damage the decals, and direct contact can cause bubbling, running, or streaking.

How do I remove wall decals?
Simply peel them off the wall. That's it! If removing an oddly-shaped design, or a giant wall decal (in multiple pieces), try to start with the largest end or piece first. And remember to go slowly: if you pull too hard or too fast, you might rip the design!

How do I remove air bubbles?
When applying a wall decal, make sure you start from one side or the top of each element. Keep the rest of the element away from the wall or surface. Slowly go down over the design with your hand ,and smooth the element onto the surface, pressing out any bubbles as you go. Once applied, you should be able to move any remaining bubbles out by pressing/smoothing them out of the element. If the problem persists, you can punch a tiny hole with a pin to push the air out, or simply remove and re-apply.



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